Viora Lip Plumping

viora lip plumping

Viora Lip Plumping Treatment Without Injections!

Full, luscious lips have been a symbol of beauty and sensuality for centuries, inspiring countless people to seek out ways to enhance the appearance of their pout. Are you looking to add volume and definition to thin lips? Do you want to restore lip volume lost to aging? Or perhaps you simply want to enhance your natural features? With Viora’s non-injectable lip-plumping services, you no longer have to resort to needles or incisions to achieve the full, pillowy lips of your dreams.

What is Viora Lip Plumping?

Viora offers a better alternative to injectables. Using advanced technology, this revolutionary treatment opens lip plumping up to an entirely new clientele while keeping current patients more satisfied than ever.

Many factors can affect the way our lips appear: external factors such as a poor diet, smoking, dehydration, sun damage, and more can influence the color, shape, and vitality of our lips. The loss of collagen and elastin, moisture, and reduced blood microcirculation can lead to a thin dermal layer.

Everyone can attain natural, full, desirable lips without the risk of discomfort, bruising, and downtime using Viora’s V-ST Handpiece or ST applicator on the Reaction system.

External factors such as a poor diet, smoking, dehydration, sun damage, and more can influence our skin and lips’ color, shape, and vitality. The loss of connective tissue (collagen and elastin), moisture, and reduced blood microcirculation leads to a thin dermal layer.

Viora lip plumping is a beautiful alternative to Botox® or other facial fillers. It is designed to provide a more natural-looking enhancement to your smile.

How Does Viora Lip Plumping Work?

Viora’s CORE™ (Channeling Optimized Radiofrequency Energy) Technology is the only system on the market that can penetrate precisely into the gentle lip tissues to produce the volumetric heating required to:

  • stimulate fibroblast activity
  • stimulate collagen regeneration
  • increase blood microcirculation

The result is a look that appears as though it had been surgical but, amazingly, was not.

Viora’s CORE™ Technology is a perfect fit for all lips. It can cool the epidermal layer, making the treatment pain-free, even on sensitive areas such as the lips. In addition, this technology enables practitioners to deliver sufficient energy fluence to create a rejuvenating effect that increases dermal thickness and restores the lips to their natural red color.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are stuffed in the lips to produce more volume. But the natural regenerative processes achieved by Viora restore the vivid and youthful appearance of the lips.

What Can I Expect From the Viora Lip Plumping Procedure?

You’ll get a folded gauze “bridge” put into your mouth, followed by ultrasound gel placed on your lips and surrounding areas. The bridge helps keep the gel from going into your mouth. Dr. Burrows will do several “passes” on your lips with radiofrequency. The heat and energy going into your lips encourage collagen and elastin production.

Immediately after each treatment, you’ll experience swelling that will diminish slightly. But please don’t worry, as your body will continue to produce collagen until your subsequent treatment. The collagen and elastin continue to build, resulting in fuller lips.

This 10-minute PlumpRF treatment is delivered through the Viora bipolar RF, V-ST handpiece. It is quick, safe, painless, and requires no downtime. The V-ST handpiece can offer many additional facial and body tightening treatments beyond lip plumping. Best long-term results are achieved with packages of 6-8 treatments spread across three months, followed by bi-annual maintenance.

Get Full Lips With Viora Lip Plumping at Craig Barrows in Yuma, AZ

Are you tired of having thin, lackluster lips and ready to take action to achieve the full, plump pout of your dreams? You don’t have to resort to needles or invasive procedures to achieve fuller lips. With Viora lip plumping, you can enhance your lips safely and conveniently.

So why wait? Take the first step towards fuller lips today and enjoy the confidence boost of having the perfect pout. Book your appointment at Craig Barrows, DDs, now and see the difference for yourself! Check out our other Viora services, such as hair removal, acne clearance, and skin rejuvenation.