20 Year Plan

We see you as more than just another set of teeth. You are a unique patient who will live a long life, and we want to make your next 20 years as healthy and happy as possible!

Do you have plans for emergencies and changes in your life? For example, what will you do if your air conditioner breaks down? When you have a plan, you don’t have to wait desperately in the heat. You know who to call, and it will be nothing more than a minor setback.

Now what will you do if you break a tooth? What if you get a cavity? What if you’re experiencing tooth or jaw pain?

These are common symptoms that patients experience throughout their lifetimes, and they need a dentist who can help them. We don’t want you to suffer through major dental inconveniences. Instead, let’s ensure that your dental problems are only minor setbacks that can be easily taken care of.

Dr. Barrows sits down with every new patient to create a 20 year plan for their teeth. Let’s talk about your goals and needs, and let’s create a plan that makes you feel confident in your smile’s future!

Why Design a Twenty Year Plan?

When you have a plan, you can save time and money. In addition, you’ll forego days of discomfort and invasive procedures. By creating a dental plan, we will help you keep your time in the dental chair to a minimum and the beauty and health of your smile at their max!

Dental hygiene gets a one-size-fits all recommendation: Brush two to three times each day and floss daily, and see your general dentist once every six months. However, when it comes to any other dental treatments, a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work.

Your 20 year plan assesses your goals and potential needs and makes them as affordable, accessible, and comfortable as possible.

Whether or not you have had dental health problems in the past, we can make your future bright with a customized 20 year plan!

We Want to Work with You!

We want to plan and protect your future while continuously ensuring your comfort. With routine preventative care and a plan for cosmetic and health needs, we can give you the best dental experience possible.

We care about more than right here, right now. We care about your future. We care about your budget, your comfort, and your confidence.

Dr. Barrows would love to get to know you at our compassionate and personal practice. We hope to work alongside you and your family to optimize your long-term oral health. You can call today!